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I have seen a lot of video of restaurants, spas, real estate properties and resorts, but my work would add something new. Not only would we be walking a property to show on video, I would be interviewing the owner or manager as we shoot. The owner of the property or business would not only get a video of their business, they would get a professionally shot and edited story of the property or business as told by the owner.

When people from around the neighborhood or around the world stop by the business website, they will see a professionally done, theatrically produced and edited video before they even come to the country or start their search. They may be ready to buy as a result of the video before they even arrive!

Who could benefit from a professionally produced and edited video?

It can help your spa, restaurant, bar, hotel, resort or any business!

How would it work?

After the video is shot, produced and edited, the link to the video would be placed on your website, Facebook or any other social media you use. You would introduce the video and invite anyone from anywhere, at anytime to see the video. While you are asleep, people from around the corner or around the world can see your video showcasing you in the best light. When they are done watching, they may be calling YOU to do business with you, come to your restaurant or resort or purchase your property!

Bruce Starr Productions is not just a video company. In addition to Video and Audio Production and Editing, my over 30 years of business, marketing, publicity and promotional background and experience can assist any business wanting to step outside the box of conventional marketing.

We can help you with Strategizing and Implementing Marketing and Sales Platforms

Wee can help with Web Site Development and Servicing

Television and Radio/Media Training and Consulting

Produce Audio Info-Mercials

We are Business and Personal, Coaching and Entertainment Consultants

We are Event Management and Planners

Business, Marketing and Promotional Writer and Publicists

....all at a fraction of what you think it might cost!

Contact me! Let's talk about what you need!

We offer personalized friendly service. We care how you and your businesses appear to your clients and competition!

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