How Bruce Starr Productions Came to Be!

Bruce Starr Productions is a unique production company. My television and radio production experience started in 1993 when my first radio and TV shows were broadcast over local radio and cable stations.

My video production and editing experience really started paying off was when I moved to an island in the Western Caribbean. The region had no English television or radio person to communicate with the thousands of ex-pats in the area.

After being on the air for just a short period of time, I became known as the “English Television and Radio Voice for the Western Caribbean.” I was a one-man show covering stories, shooting them, interviewing, later editing and bringing the stories to broadcast on my shows. In other words, I had to do it all and learned what to do and how to do it one story at a time.

When I left the island in late 2011, I knew I could help local small to medium sized businesses with not only my video experience, but with my interviewing. In my mind, anyone can shoot video. Not everyone can shoot it well. Not everyone can edit video, even with simpler software on computers.

WE are now expanding and have a full service team available to meet any demand!

More soon

Bruce Starr

Bruce Starr Productions

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