What is the cost to have your own radio-audio info-mercial?

What is the cost to have your own radio-audio info-mercial?

Some people do not have that long a message to get out or believe less is more. For them, a 12 to 14 minute info-mercial is $300. For those who have much more to tell and so little time to say it, the 22 to 25 minute info-mercial is $500. If you know you would like to have your own audio-info-mercial, call me right now at 305 814-2011 and schedule your broadcast time. Mention you saw this blog on my website and save 20% off the price of the info-mercial. Keep in mind that as a result of demand, these prices can go up at any time, so claim these prices for your informercial by calling now!

How easy is it to have your own radio audio-info-mercial?

We can schedule a show many times at your convenience. You as the guest do the show right from your own home or business location by calling into the studio in California. No memorizing or over rehearsing needed. You can have all the notes in front of you that you need to present the best interview possible….or just wing it!

If you would like, I will help you work out the questions you would like me to ask in the order you would like me to ask them. It is as easy as that to have your own audio informercial that will record your story of your lifetime…for a lifetime of future listeners.

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