Wondering If You Can Do An Info-Mercial From Your City our Country?

Wondering If You Can Do An Info-Mercial From Your City our Country?

The great thing about being able to appear on Business InSight and do a radio audio info-mercial with me is, you can live in any city, any state in America or any country in the world as long as you can call into the studio located in California. If you have a phone and long distance service, you can be a guest on the show and we can produce an audio info-mercial for you and your business.

Can anyone be a guest on the show?

The answer is….yes! Here is the reason why. For instance, if you own a restaurant and want to share the story of why your eatery has been successful for ten, twenty, thirty, forty years or more, or are you just opening a restaurant and want to let everyone know by social media why it is going to be so special, you can do it with an Business InSight audio info-mercial.

Have you just opened a new bar, spa or resort, or if your business has been opened for years and you want to tell your story that will live on possibly for ever, you can now tell your story on Business InSight. From the moment the show is produced, your customers and clients, you, your family and friends will then be able to hear your story as told by you!

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