What makes Business InSight Such a Different Radio Marketing Paradigm?

If the very rare opportunity arises when a radio show host invites you on their show, they do it for a fee and for their ratings or audience, not for yours. The show can go well…or not. With Business InSight, we have a great show for you and your audience with no risk or your money back, guaranteed!

At the time of the show, it doesn’t matter whether one person is listening or a thousand, because the moment the show is over is when it really matters. You will then have a link to that 12 or 22 minute info-mercial that you will possess just about forever.

You will then be able to use that link and promote it in all your e-mails, mailings, social media publicity, websites and business cards. You can put a link into all your communications that says, “I was just interviewed on an internationally heard radio show about my business. Click here to listen in….”

Put that link into the signature on every e-mail you send out. Put that link on your website, your Facebook site and include the link when you send out your Tweets. You will drive more traffic to your website to listen to your informercial than you ever could imagine, and you will do so 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, even while you are sleeping!

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