What is Bruce Starr Productions?

Use our broadcast, production, editing skills and experience to help you reach for the stars!

Bruce Starr has been a television and radio talk show host and producer since 1993!


  • In Los Angeles, he hosted and produced Starr Talk, a cable television
    show that was seen weekly for two years in three million households! 


  • In 2003 and for the next 8 years, he became the 
    "English Voice for the Western Caribbean" 
    hosting and producing radio and television programming that changed island living. 
    Living in a third world country, he had to learn to shoot and edit his own broadcasts!

That international flair can still be found in his productions today!

When you work with Bruce Starr, you will discover he really cares about
every client he works with. Click on the various links to see the work he has
done in so many production arenas! 


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