Celebrity Photographs By Bruce Starr

Shirley MacLaine.jpeg
Shirley MacLaine
Annette Benning.jpeg

Annette Benning

Sarah Jessica Parker.jpeg
Sarah Jessica Parker
Steve Martin.jpeg

Steve Martin

Jane Fonda.jpeg
Jane Fonda




Don Rickles.jpeg

Don Rickles

Don Rickles

Sharon Stone.jpeg

Sharon Stone

Cher-Sharon Stone.jpeg

Sharon Stone - Cher

Sharon Stone - Cher

Richard Pryor.jpeg

Richard Pryor

Molly Ringwall.jpeg

Molly Ringwall

Molly Ringwall

Carol O'Connor.jpeg

Carol O'Connor

Matt Damon.jpeg

Matt Damon

Jack Warden.jpeg

Jack Warden - The Original "Jimmy Olsen"

Steven Spielberg.jpeg

Steven Spielberg

Tom Cruise.jpeg

Tom Cruise

2 stars.jpeg

John Stamos

Rebecca Romijn

Milton Berle.jpeg

Milton Berle

Norman Lear.jpeg

Norman Lear

Jeanie Mr Playboy.jpeg
Jon Voigt.jpeg

Barbara Eden

Hugh Hefner

Jon Voigt

Frankie Avalon.jpeg

Frankie Avalon

Phyliss Diller.jpeg

Phyliss Diller

Nicholette Sheridan.jpeg

Nicholette Sheraton

Nicholette Sheridan2.jpeg

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