Author / Speaker / Energy Worker Producer /Manager

For the last several years and especially since 2012, there has been a tangible and measurable advancement in work accomplished by very talented and skilled authors, speakers, seminar presenters in the world of energy healing. I have personally worked with dozens in the last several years. It has become very apparent to me that the most talented of them need professional assistance to bring them up to a more productive level they desire. I am taking all of my skills, experiences and abilities to produce and consult for key speakers to build their much needed exposure in the world!

I have also worked professionally with some of the most capable and skilled in that arena. Just some that I have already assisted with:

1. Career Management and Consultant

2. Video Production

3. Video Editing 

4. Event Preparation

5. Event Productions

6. Social Media Marketing

7. Creative and Promotional Writing

8. Press Releases

9. Media Consulting

10. On-Camera Coaching

11. Speaking Professionally

I have done this as:

    A professional speaker since 1986 and a previous member of The National Speakers Association

    In the Entertainment Industry in Los Angeles (A member of The Conference of Personal Managers, West), New York and South Florida since 1981 where I was
an Agent and Manager for Actors and Comedians

    A television and radio talk show host and producer since 1993

    Social Media Marketing since 1993

    A student of several different philosophies on life and a relationship coach since 1975

Just some of the people or spiritual institutions I have worked with include:

Tricia McCannon - Internationally known and respected Author - Speaker - Mysteries Expert

Dr. Joel Wallach (Dead Doctor's Don't Lie)

              Jen Ward                                                                                    Zarathustra









Michelle - Sound Healing                                                  Dr. Brian Sheen









       Todd Deviney                                                           



Dr. Bernie Siegel
Marla Martenson

Dr. Donna Goldstein

Antoine Chevalier

Steven Spencer

Sonny Fox

Vincent Christiano

Master Teresa - Pureland Qigong

Regenerative Medicine Plus

Judy Santori

Scott Fried

Saul Steinberg - The Original Printer of A Course in Miracles

Temple Beth Am - Jupiter, Florida

Chabad of Palm Beach Gardens

Unity in the Gardens, Jupiter, Florida

Darlis Mayes

Karthy Bennett

Tammy Adams

Lordes Starshower

Michael and Marti Parry

Scott Huckabay