One of the many important chapters in Bruce Starr's life was his days
as a Hollywood Talent Agent and Manager. 
The highlight of his career was when he was at the right place at the right time in the early 1980's for the  THE GOLDEN AGE OF COMEDY.  As a personal appearance agent, he represented 35 of the funniest and most talented stand-up comedians, many of whom are household words today!
Perhaps his best known clients at the time were:
Howie Mandel
The Unknown Comic Murray Langston
Paul Reiser
"The Pitbull of Comedy" Bobby Slayton
He is still in contact with many of his clients and friends from those days.
He has interviewed many of them recently. 
I had Mark Lonow on the show.
Mark was the co-owner with
Budd Friedman of  the
Evening at The Improv
television shows and The 
IMROV on Melrose and 28
other comedy locations for
almost 40 years!
What a treat to have on the
legendary Willie Tyler and Lester!
They have been on more stages in
"their" career than most
entertainers. Sit back and enjoy the
I had on Hollywood funny man
Joey Camen, a former
stand-up client, accomplished
voice-over artist and now
author of the excellent book
about his Hollywood career,
"Laughing Through The Pain."
The interview I did with long-time Hollywood
comedian and actor Rick Overton, broadcast a
very short time after his best friend, Robin Williams
took his own life. This is a very heart-felt show
dealing with raw and sensitive issues for Rick.